About Us

Megaplast Group is a world Leader in the production of Ventilated & Reinforced Stretch Films in the area of innovative flexible packaging.

Product Family is consisted of two major categories:

  • Perforated stretch films (AirOfilm)
  • Reinforced stretch films with Fibers (Fiber Film)

Megaplast offers high Added Value products that are protected through International Patents worldwide. 

Megaplast Plant Facilities & Headquarters are located in Greece (Mega Plast Industrial - Exporting S.A.), while a global sales networt is supported by Megaplast Subsidiaries in UK (Megaplast UK Ltd), Spain (Megaplast Spain SL), Italy (Megaplast Italia SRL), Germany (Megaplast Verpackungsinnovationen GmbH), USA (Megaplast USA Inc), and a local office in France. A Local Distribution Network for the Megaplast Group has been developed all over the world.

Megaplast Family aims at satisfying its customers' needs with a long standing commitment to Research & Development and intends to become a major world player in the market of innovative flexible packaging solutions.