About Us

Megaplast is a world Leader in the production of Ventilated & Reinforced Stretch Films in the area of flexible packaging.

Product Family is consisted of two major categories:

  • Perforated stretch films (AirOfilm)
  • Reinforced stretch films with Fibers (Fiber Film)

Megaplast offers high Added Value products that are protected through International Patents worldwide. 

Megaplast Plant Facilities & Headquarters are located in Greece (Megaplast S.A.), while global sales networt is supported by Megaplast Subsidiaries in UK (Megaplast UK Ltd), Spain (Megaplast Spain SL), Italy (Megaplast Italia SRL), Germany (Megaplast Verpackungsinnovationen GmbH), USA (Megaplast USA Inc) and a local office in France. Local Distribution Network of Megaplast Group has been developed all over the world.

Megaplast Family aims at satisfying its customers' needs with a long standing commitment to Research & Development and intends to become a major world player in the market of innovative flexible packaging materials.