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Minimise your Cost per Pallet - Maximise your Pallet Stability


Fiber Film for Machine Applications is especially designed either for Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machines or Power Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machines.

The grades of this product family not only offer exceptional load retention and superior pallet stability, but also significant cost per pallet savings. Fiber Film for Machine use has been ergonomically designed to exhibit consistent performance and optimum film stretching with low Neck-in effect satisfying the needs of every stage of the value chain.


Fiber Film Machine is consisted of four (4) main categories:

for Semi- Automatic Wrapping Machines with Brake Tension System.

for Power Pre Stretch Wrapping Machines with 150% Guaranteed Pre Stretch.

for Power Pre Stretch Wrapping Machines with 220% Guaranteed Pre Stretch.

for Advanced Technology Wrapping Machines with Stretching up to 260%.


This Innovative of high quality stretch film can be used in a Wide Range of Applications offering benefits such as:

Excellent Pallet Stability
Superior Pallet Stabilization
Significant Cost per Pallet Reduction
Imporant Waste Volume Reduction
Consistent Performance - Tear Resistance
High Stretchability & Holding Force