More than a stretch film manufacturer


The company was established in 1995 and supplies markets with a complete range of innovative packaging materials.

For over 20 successful years Megaplast is constantly striving for excellence to ensure customer satisfaction and build strong customer and vendor relationships with respect to the social, ethical & environmental requirements.

1995: Megaplast Ltd established by Mr. Harilaos Kavvadias in Heraklion, Crete, Greece

1996: Obtaining patent for the procedure for the production of AirOfilm products by the European Patent Office

1997: Conversion of Megaplast Ltd to S.A under the distinctive title Mega Plast S.A

2001: Megaplast UK Ltd established in UK

2002: Transfer of activities & production factory to privately owned facilities in the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete


  • Obtaining patent for the procedure for the production of AirOfilm Agri/Maxx
  • Megaplast USA Corp established in USA

2012: Obtaining patent for AirOfilm Stretch product

2013: Obtaining patent for AirOfilm Flowra product

2014: Megaplast Italia S.L established in Italy


  • Megaplast Spain S.R.L established in Spain
  • Obtaining patent for Fiber Film product in Russia


  • Obtaining patent for Fiber Film product in Canada & Australia
  • Land acquisition in Poland
  • Megaplast Verpackunsinnovationnen GmbH established in Germany


  • Obtaining patent for Fiber Film product in Europe from European Patent Office
  • Megaplast has won the legal actions against the company ECOVENTI SISTEMAS S.L over the granted patent EP 1 989 044 entitled “packaging film”, (the “Megaplast Patent”)


  • Megaplast Participation in 6 International Trade Shows in Europe & USA


  • Megaplast Participation in 4 International & 6 Local Trade Shows in Europe & USA
  • Bronze Medal for Packaging Innovation of Megaplast Fiber Film Product
  • Green Certificate for Megaplast for Factory’s energy coming from Renewable Resources
  • Megaplast became Eumos Proud Member (for cargo security & pallet load stability)


  • We have integrated Sustainability into the company and are committed to protecting the environment, strengthening our social consciousness and supporting long-term economic growth through multiple actions related to the Sustainability of our company.
  • We proceeded to the 1st edition of our Sustainability Brochure for 2020 and committed to achieving the UN SGDs every six months.

MEGA PLAST S.A. – Heraklion, Crete - Greece


MEGA PLAST S.A. – Marousi - Athens - Greece