Meet Megaplast’s sustainable stretch film

Combine sustainability and efficiency

In today’s world, it is imperative to be as ecofriendly as possible (especially if one produces or uses vast amounts of stretch wrap). Here at Megaplast, we continuously strive in order to contribute towards a cleaner environment by using energy from renewable sources and by developing ecofriendly fiber film; underlining the importance of an ever-increasing volume of recycled content. Stretch wrap, in fact, is an easy-to-reprocess material. Still, our products are 100% recyclable and manufactured with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) which is also highly recyclable (number 4 coded).   


The benefits of using sustainable stretch film

The environmental benefits of opting for green fiber film are several. To begin, you will instantly reduce your plastic waste (and consequently cut down on your total pallet wrapping costs). Similarly, if you are using recyclable Fiber Film this means you are helping the environment in the long run since Fiber Film causes at least 50% less CO2 footprint. Our company has gone green and created a 100% recyclable stretch film that is actually 50% lighter, allowing you to use half the product amount for pallet wrapping therefore reducing your waste volume and supporting a cleaner environment. Now, perhaps you are wondering if ecofriendly Fiber Film is an equally reliable packaging solution? Read on to learn all about Megaplast’s new Eco-friendly Fiber Film.


Is recyclable fiber film as strong?

Our sustainable stretch film was created to offer a high-performing but also environmentally friendly packaging film with a significantly low carbon footprint/ fiber film production compared to market average. Meet Eco Fiber Film: a unique and innovative stretch film that contains 30% recycled raw materials and has a stretching ratio of up to 270%. It is perfect for heavy pallet loads as its holding force and tear resistance are outstanding. In other words, this thick high-performing film will help you optimize your overall resources and be more environmentally conscious.


So, which is the most suitable but also ecofriendly packaging solution?

If you need a sturdy film that doesn’t break and will even mean fewer wraps- thanks to its increased puncture resistance- then Eco Fiber Film is the answer!  Bonus: you will actively demonstrate your focus and commitment to nature and even help towards increasing demand for packaging with recycled content.  There is no doubt that green fiber film is a smart, reliable and environmentally friendly packaging film that brings top results to any company wishing to reduce plastic waste by investing in recyclability and sustainability. In addition, the breathability and sealing power of our new Eco Fiber Film prevent the formation of condensation while its optimum stretching ability and superior load safety ensure your goods are delivered in perfect condition.

Think about it; switching to Megaplast’s low CO2 stretch wrap is a minor change to your packaging strategy with major sustainability improvements!

For further information on how your company can reduce its carbon footprint, kindly contact us via our Q&A form found here.