Meet your sturdy wrap & stretch partner for high demanding applications


Whether you are transporting a single pallet or a heavy load it usually all comes down to one thing: wrapping optimization at the lowest possible cost. Consequently, finding the right solution for your pallet packaging is crucial; you never want to end up with spoiled or broken goods, torn stretch film or lost items because you simply wanted to cut corners, right?

The key is to go for a reliable and cost-efficient wrapping solution that will ensure optimum load safety during transportation. It is highly important that you use a durable, tear-resistant stretch film that will keep your goods in top condition and guarantee their safe delivery.

As the manufacturer of the extremely stretchable Fiber Film (up to 300%), we offer a wide selection of innovative quality products developed and designed to offer superior packaging performance that effectively meets your wrapping needs. Sound appealing?

Time to find your ideal stretch film for high demanding applications:

  • For Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machines with Brake Tension Systems try Fiber Film Alpha. This unstoppable film is ideal for high demanding applications that require greater film stretching. You will save up to 40% on the cost per pallet, reduce waste volume and still enjoy excellent load stability.  
  • For Power Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machines, we recommend Fiber Film Beta or Fiber Film Gamma. All grades of the Beta family not only offer excellent pallet stability, but also significant cost per pallet savings. You will be amazed by their tear resistance and gripping power.
  • For Advanced Technology Wrapping Machines you will find that Fiber Film Delta is the perfect option. This ultra-performing stretch film not only promises exceptional load retention, but also consistent and reliable performance for high demanding applications.

Increase wrapping efficiency- reduce waste!

Here at Megaplast, we have managed to limit the non-renewable materials and plastic required for wrapping by increasing our products’ stretchability, aiming to further reduce our environmental impact and CO2 footprint.

Our uniquely manufactured stretch film is the eco-friendly and economical solution you have been looking for. All our products are not only 100% recyclable but also cause at least 50% less plastic waste. Precisely because Fiber Film is 50% lighter than conventional Stretch Film, which in turn means 50% less product is used for pallet wrapping, thus resulting in 50% less CO2 footprint. By opting for our range of dependable wrapping solutions not only do you save on total costs and time, but you are also being environmentally cautious.

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