AirΟFilm Maxx

AirΟFilm Maxx

AirOFilm Maxx


Product overview

The AirOFilm® Maxx pre-stretched breathable stretch film has been designed to cope with extremes. The vented pre-stretched film is the perfect solution for heavy loads that need maximum aeration.

Designed for maximum aeration

Oversized holes do not always guarantee the right level of aeration. AirOFilm® Maxx has a unique structure that allows the maximum amount of air to circulate - up to 60%! The vented stretch film is ideal for heavy pallet wrapping of hot, chill or frozen products.

Holding force

However, this level of aeration does not come at the expense of quality. Air-O-Film® Maxx is specially formulated to combine maximum elongation with performance, offering a high tensile strength. This ensures that even the heaviest loads will remain secure during transportation.

Environmentally friendly

Air-O-Film in use with frozen food

AirOFilm® Maxx breathable is the lightest per meter film available of its type. It is environmentally friendly not only because it is fully recyclable but also because it secures loads with the minimum amount of material and waste, further reducing costs.

High visibility and great appearance

AirOFilm® Maxx is manufactured using the finest components which provide superb clarity and excellent pallet appearance. There is only one sure way of telling your customers you respect and care about their products, constantly striving to be delivered at the best possible condition: wrapping them in AirOFilm® Maxx.

Datasheet For Airo-O-Film Maxx (PDF, 1.2 Mb)