Megaplast's environmental footprint

Less Material - Less Waste​

Fiber Film is 50% lighter than conventional Stretch Film, which means that you need at least 50% less product for pallet wrapping therefore a significant waste volume reduction that supports a cleaner environment.


Less CO2 - The carbon footprint of Megaplast

Every kg of FiberFilm emits on average 2 kg CO2 (certified by Carbon Trust) while Stretch film emits around 2.7kg of COper kg of product ( 

Fiber Film emits up to -29.6% less CO2  than standard Stretch film

Also Fiber Film causes at least 50% less plastic waste, as it is 50% ligher than competitors' strech films, so it has less 50% CO2 emissions than competitors. The energy of production comes from Renewable Resources (certified) as well.

Additional Fiber Film causes 50% less CO2  emissions than standard Stretch film

All that means that the carbon footprint of Fiber Film Products emits less CO2 than competition.


100% Recyclable Products

All our products are 100% recyclable.


Green Certificate

Our company acquired the Green Certificate from its electricity provider, certifying that the energy at its premises comes from renewable sources, contributing to a cleaner environment.