Meet our new product AirOFilm Stretch Lite+. A unique, innovative and eco-friendly breathable stretch film for either fully automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines with power pre-stretching systems of 150% and 200%.

AirOFilmĀ® Stretch Lite+ 150 & AirOFilmĀ® Stretch Lite+ 200 are lightweight films delivering the right balance between downgauging and excellent performance. They are suitable for hot palletised goods and chilled or frozen ones.

What makes that product different from competiton is its unique structure and design that offers our customers with:

  • Film width improvement: It is a wider film with enlarged openings providing maximum aeration & higher pallet stability
  • Up to 50% reduced Neck-In effect: retains its width after stretching on the pallet
  • Up to 20% less material: less plastic waste, less plastic taxes, fewer CO2 emissions, less energy consumption, downtime reduction (Our ORO Concept)
  • 100% Recyclability
  • Increased productivity
  • Total Savings

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