In November 2020, MEGAPLAST INDUSTRIAL EXPORTING S.A brought a court action against the company GALLOPLASTIK S.R.L. for infringement of patent EP1768837 before the Court of Venice.

Recently, Galloplastik circulated a statement disclosing some excerpts from court documents and information about that proceedings in such a way as to suggest that the patent would have been declared invalid and not infringed. 

On the contrary, EP1768837 is nowadays fully valid and effective in Italy - as well as in all major European countries and elsewhere in the world- and, in Mega Plast's opinion, is infringed by Galloplastik products.

What is mentioned in Galloplastik's statement is nothing more than the opinion expressed by a court consultant. It is an opinion that Mega Plast does not share and that is still under discussion before the Court. No decision on the matter has yet been issued by the Court.