MEGAPLAST Product Family

Product Family consists of two major categories:

  1. Perforated Stretch Films (AirOfilm)AirOFilm

    Stretch Films with Perforation for Machine & Manual application
    serve the following markets:

    • Food & Beverage Industry & Dairy Products
    • Pet Food
    • Pharmaceutical Products
    • Agricultural Market
    • Horticultural & Flower Market
  2. Reinforced Stretch Films (Fiber Film)fiber film

    Reinforced Stretch Films with Fibers for Machine & Manual Application
    are suitable for all markets


  • Plug-n-PlayPlug-n-Play

    Plug-n-Play is a novel Trouble-Free stretch film with reinforcement elements for every use that makes the whole wrapping process effortless!


The AirOfilm & Fiber Film Product Series are innovative and protected through International Patents.



MEGAPLAST Main Family Brands