MEGAPLAST Product Family

Product Family consists of two major categories:

  1. Perforated Stretch Films (AirOfilm)AirOFilm

    Stretch Films with Perforation for Machine & Manual application
    serve the following markets:

    • Food & Beverage Industry & Dairy Products
    • Pet Food
    • Pharmaceutical Products
    • Agricultural Market
    • Horticultural & Flower Market
  2. Reinforced Stretch Films (Fiber Film)fiber film

    Reinforced Stretch Films with Fibers for Machine & Manual Application
    are suitable for all markets

The AirOfilm & Fiber Film Product Series are innovative and protected through International Patents.


MEGAPLAST Main Family Brands


AirOFilm Manual
AirOFilm Standard
AirOFilm Strech


AirOFilm Flowra
AirOFilm Agri
AirOFilm Maxx


Fiber Film Manual
Fiber Film Alpha
Fiber Film Beta
Fiber Film Gamma
Fiber Film Delta