AirOFilm® Manual

AirOFilm Manual


Product overview

The manual breathable pre-stretched stretch film AirOFilm® Manual, provides excellent performance. Specially formulated, combines maximum elongation while offering high tensile strength. This ensures that even the heaviest loads will remain secure during transportation. The AirOFilm® Manual breathable hand prestretched film, is the go-to solution for products in need of maximum aeration.

Less Material - Less WasteAirOFilm-Manual

AirOFilm® Manual weighs less per meter than any other film of its type. It is fully recyclable and designed to make sure that loads can be secured with less material. That means fewer wraps, which means less plastic, which means higher savings.

High Visibility & Great Appearance

A pallet wrapped with AirOFilm® Manual leaves a customer with no doubts: you care about your product and doing everything to ensure that it arrives in the best condition possible.

Datasheet For Air-O-Film Manual (PDF, 1.4 Mb)