AirOFilm Standard Lite

AirOFilm Standard Lite

AirOFilm Standard Lite


Product overview

The AirOFilm® Standard Lite thin stretch film is ideal for light weight products that need aeration. Specially formulated, the vented standard light stretch film for wrap pallets is ideal for machine use for light loads, since it combines maximum elongation with performance, offering high tensile strength.

Less Material - Less Waste

AirOFilm® Standard Lite film’s weight is significantly lower per meter than any competitor films of the same type. Its design allows for full recyclability and minimum waste while wrapping loads. Less waste means less plastic which means less cost per wrap.

Manual or Machine ApplicationAirOFilm Standard Lite

The AirOFilm® Standard Lite pre-stretched breathable film comes in rolls that can be used for both manual or machine application. We provide only top-quality films for an extended variety of businesses, including your own.

High Visibility & Great Appearance

AirOFilm® Standard Lite is constructed using industry leading components that ensure excellent clarity for your pallet appearance needs. Make customers feel safe for their loads by using our maximum performance films to transfer their products.

Datasheet For Air-O-Film Standard Lite (PDF, 1.5 Mb)