AirOFilm Standard

AirOFilm Standard

AirOFilm Standard


Product overview


The AirOFilm® Standard is a machine  pre-stretched breathable stretch film that provides excellent performance. Specially formulated, it combines maximum elongation while offering high tensile strength. This ensures that the AirOFilm® Standard vented pre-stretched film will handle the heaviest loads with absolute security during transportation.

Less Material - Less Waste

AirOFilm® Standard’s weight is significantly lower per meter than any other film of the same type. It is recyclable, environmentally friendly and specifically designed to secure loads using the least material possible, thus minimizing wraps while maximizing savings.

Manual or Machine UseAirOFilm Standard

AirOFilm® Standard is available in rolls, suitable for manual and semi-automatic machine application. Regardless of your business or industry, we have the type of film that will compliment your operations.

High Visibility & Great Appearance

AirOFilm® Standard is built with the finest elements which provide unrivaled clarity and intriguing pallet appearance. A pallet wrapped with AirOFilm® Standard leaves a customer with no doubts: you care about your product and doing everything to ensure that it arrives in the best condition possible.

Datasheet For Air-O-Film Standard (PDF, 1.4 Mb)