Pallet Stability

The Safe Transportation Packaging

At MEGAPLAST the damage reduction of the shipment is of high priority, considering the challenges of fast shipping, inflation rises, environmental concerns and relative regulations.


Shipping Damages in numbers (between the factory and the point of sale) 

fatalities per year
Loss of up to
of foods, beverages and consumer products
billion $ globally per year



A Stabilized Pallet is an Economic Pallet!

Less shipment returns
Less downtime costs
Less accidents thanks to an improved stability
Less damages to the transported goods


The MEGAPLAST Test Process

  1. We wrap the pallet with the least Stretch film needed.
  2. We measure and write down all the parameters of the pallet and the wrapping protocol.
  3. The pallet is characterized in an independent accredited Lab.
  4. A certification according to the EUMOS 40509 standard is issued after each successful test.


Our  Procedure


Pallet wrapped on customer’s site
Transportation to Lab site
Acceleration sledge test
Certification of compliance with EUMOS 40509


Read more about New Regulations & Standards (Directive 2014/47/EU)